Pre-Order Announcement! PAW Patrol Academy™ is now available at App Store and Google Play for parents to auto-download on launch day.

August 28, 2023
Mobile App

Designed by an award-winning team of preschool learning app specialists, PAW Patrol Academy is, at its heart, a thank you to PAW Patrol families everywhere.  Your dedication to planning those birthday parties, assembling those Halloween costumes, recognizing pups by name and catchphrase, and even enduring long car trips with the theme song at full blast has not gone unnoticed. As a token of our gratitude, we're thrilled to introduce something special that'll make your parenting journey a tad easier.

Starting today, you can pre-order our PAW Patrol Academy mobile app on both the App Store and Google Play.

Why Parents Love Pre-Order

  • Convenience:  In today's busy world, convenience is king. Amidst juggling lunch chores, daycare pickups, and everything in between, remembering to download an app might fall off your radar. That's why we've made it simpler than ever. 
  • No FOMO (Fear of Missing Out):  By joining thousands of other preschooler parents like you, you're ensuring that you're among the first to gain full access to our app. No more fretting about missing out on exciting features or engaging content—your child can dive right in as soon as it's available.
  • Stop Scrolling Uncertainty:  Screen time for kids should be fun, engaging, and educational. PAW Patrol Academy strikes that delicate balance that every parent seeks. Crafted with real kids in mind, PAW Patrol Academy has been tested and perfected to deliver the best of both worlds. Say goodbye to tantrums and meltdowns caused by boring or age-inappropriate content.  Say hello to meaningful growth and development in a wide range of learning areas like vocabulary, letters, numbers, spelling, shapes and color recognition.  In contrast to so many apps out there, PAW Patrol Academy has got the mix just right.

Learning Through Play: A World of Possibilities

Imagine an app that seamlessly blends beloved PAW Patrol characters with valuable lessons, promoting your child's academic success. We believe in learning through play, and our app is meticulously designed to provide a wide range of interactive activities that stimulate cognitive growth while entertaining your child.

Every child is unique, and their learning journey should reflect that. PAW Patrol Academy offers various activities tailored to different learning styles, ensuring every child finds a path to knowledge that resonates with them.  Pre-order today!

Invest in Your Child's Future: Choose Wisely

In a world overflowing with apps, finding the right one for your preschooler can be daunting. We invite you to emBARK on a learning adventure that captures your child's imagination while nurturing their growth. Our app is not just an app—it's an investment in your child's future, and you can pre-order the solution today.

The journey to the perfect app doesn't have to be complicated. Make the easy choice —choose an app that combines beloved characters with the joy of learning. Embrace the world of learning through play with our app, and witness your preschooler flourish in an environment that's both entertaining and educational.


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