Introducing PAW Patrol Academy, the top dog in preschool learning apps is now available at the App Store and Google Play!

September 28, 2023
Mobile App

Preschoolers seeking the fun and adventure of PAW Patrol have a new place to play, and this kid-friendly app offers far more than just PAW-themed missions and exciting action.  PAW Patrol Academy will delight parents seeking an app with a purpose - time-well-spent when their child is on a screen - because PAW Patrol Academy offers real educational content and actual PAW Patrol clips seamlessly integrated into interactive fun!

Starting today, you can order our PAW Patrol Academy mobile app on both the App Store and Google Play.  Below is a helpful guide for when you first download the app.

What To Explore at PAW Patrol Academy

Chase’s ABC Dictionary:  Chase is on the case - uppercase and lowercase - to create confident word-builders and to set a foundation for future language arts skills success! In this PAWsome activity, kids hear each letter sound that makes up a word and watch real episode clips putting each word into context for deeper learning. 

Rubble’s Letter Construction:  Rubble needs your child's help at the building site. Using just four construction beams, kids can arrange towering letter monuments. With amazing graphics and real episode clips to reinforce learning, this is a great example of how PAW Patrol Academy is learning unleashed!

Zuma’s Beachside Art Gallery:  Whether your child has expressed interest in art or if you simply need some time to catch a breath, this activity is a relaxing, restful exercise to calm creative preschoolers.  The coloring art gallery is packed with options, so your child will never run out of fun drawings to bring to life.

Marshall’s Numbers Round Up:  Help Marshall transform from being a spotty shepherd to being able to count sheep in his sleep. Each round, follow Farmer Yumi's direction to gather and lead the correct animals to the appropriate farm pen. Along the way, your child will learn to group identical objects, identify numerals one through ten and more. 

Rocky’s Shapin’ Up: Adventure Bay residents are bent out of shape, as they wait for their vehicles to be repaired. Luckily, your child will be assisting Rocky with every job. In the process of getting the town moving again, your child will learn to recognize shapes and how to construct them. When kids are learning at PAW Patrol Academy, they're always in great shape.

Skye’s Dance Party:  Preschoolers are little balls of energy, and sometimes they can’t sit still. Fear not!  Our Dance Party directs them into productive play, where they can sing and dance along with Skye.  Fun guaranteed!  

PAW Patrol Missions with Chase & Skye:  If your child has dreamt of joining the PAW Patrol on real missions where he or she gets to be the hero of Adventure Bay, this activity is PAWsome!  

About Section:  Last, but not least, discover the studio responsible for PAW Patrol Academy.  For over a decade, Originator has engaged and educated millions of children around the world with high-quality educational apps that both kids and their parents love.  We know children learn best when interacting with content and characters they love.  That’s why Originator has spent the past year and a half working with the creators of PAW Patrol to bring exciting, engaging, classroom-proven educational activities to the #1 preschool brand, in PAW Patrol Academy.

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