Season 9

Cat Pack: After becoming the first official feline member of the PAW Patrol in Moto Pups, Wild Cat is back and he’s brought along some of his kitten pals (Rory, Shade and Leo) who call themselves the Cat Pack! Each member of the Cat Pack has a light up powersuit and unique vehicle that lets them aid Ryder and the Pups on missions where thinking and acting like a cat is the only way to save the day!

Big Truck Pups: When you have big trouble, you need Big Trucks! Launching from their new Truck Stop HQ, Ryder, Al and the Big Truck Pups will take their Big Trucks out on the road to stop big trouble and save the day. Literally no job is too big for the Big Truck Pups!

Aqua Pups: In the second half of Season 9 of PAW Patrol, we return to the undersea world of Puplantis! Enter Moby, a baddie who wants to clear all the Merpups out of Puplantis and make the castle his own!  Fortunately, the PAW Patrol is there to stop his soggy schemes – helped by a new member of the team, a Cockapoo Merpup named Coral (she’s Skye’s long-lost cousin!)

All Paws On Deck: PAW Patrol is celebrating its milestone 10th anniversary in 2023. To honor the pups with their decade long of adventures, laughter and rescue missions, we’re kicking-off the celebration with an all-new 22-minute anniversary special, All Paws on Deck!