Season 8

Sea Patrol: The PAW Patrol take to the high seas with an epic sea adventure. The pups get cool new wetsuits and aquatic vehicles that allow them to make daring water rescues. The Sea Patroller allows them to have adventures above and below water taking them to new and places!

Rescue Knights: A baddie pup named Claw, riding a dragon, has descended upon Barkingburg, and it’s up to the PAW Patrol to protect the kingdom! No rescue is too big, no pup knight is too small! With new Dragon Knight Vehicles and suits of Dragon Knight Armor, our team take to land, air, and moat to stop the trouble-making Claw and his mischievous Dragon.

Cat Pack: After becoming the first official feline member of the PAW Patrol in Moto Pups, Wild Cat is back and he’s brought along some of his kitten pals (Rory, Shade and Leo) who call themselves the Cat Pack! Each member of the Cat Pack has a light up powersuit and unique vehicle that lets them aid Ryder and the Pups on missions where thinking and acting like a cat is the only way to save the day!