Season 6

Ultimate Rescue: It's all paws on deck for ultimate teamwork missions. It's time to ride along with Chase’s Police team vehicle and save the day in Marshall’s Ultimate Fire truck.

Mighty Pups: When a mysterious meteor crashes into Adventure Bay, The PAW Patrol are transformed from community heroes to superheroes with brand new powers, a floating tower and scheming baddies that allow them to unleash the mighty within!

Mighty Pups - Charged Up: When super-trouble calls, the pups transform into the greatest team of superheroes the world has ever seen! No danger in Adventure Bay or beyond is a match for their super speed, flying or strength. Joined by new super powered friends, the Mighty Twins, and paired with awesome new vehicles, the PAW Patrol is sure to face the new superbaddies – Copycat and Ladybird– with all new supercharged powers!