Rubble's Sea Patrol Vehicle

Rubble's Sea Patrol Vehicle

When there’s trouble in the water, Rubble’s there on the double with a 2-in-1 vehicle! Transform Rubble’s bulldozer into a deep-sea submarine and plunge into adventure! Complete with handy features, this vehicle is ready to take you and Rubble out on a new mission. Get rolling in bulldozer-mode and clear the way by lifting and lowering the front scoop. Use the spinning drill to get to the bottom of problems. When it’s time for a sea rescue, slide the submarine dome closed and flip the bulldozer treads down, so Rubble can smoothly glide through imaginary water! Along with a transforming vehicle, this set comes with a Rubble figure, outfitted in official Sea Patrol uniform, and a bonus crab sea friend figure! Collect all six pups and you can assemble the entire team! If you’re ready for adventure on land and sea, hop onto Rubble’s Sea Patrol Vehicle!


  • Team up with Rubble and go on twice as many adventures with his transforming Sea Patrol Vehicle! With a few fast changes, this pup’s bulldozer turns into a deep-sea submarine!
  • Rubble’s Sea Patrol Vehicle comes with all the features needed for rescue missions. In bulldozer mode, use the moving scoop and rotating drill or transform to submarine by sliding the dome down and flipping the treads!
  • Each vehicle comes with a Rubble figure in Sea Patrol uniform, and a bonus crabby sea friend figure! Put Rubble in the driver’s seat and team up with your sea friend for even more fun!
  • Rubble’s Sea Patrol Vehicle is for kids aged 3+. Not meant for use in water. Collect the rest of the Sea Patrol and embark on a new mission!


  • 1 Sea Patrol Vehicle
  • 1 Rubble Figure
  • 1 Bonus Sea Friend Figure

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