Roll Patrol - Rubble's Mountain Rescue

Roll Patrol - Rubble's Mountain Rescue

Build your very own Adventure Bay rescue with the Paw Patrol Rubble’s Mountain Rescue Track Set. Experience the fun of a true Paw Patrol rescue mission with a Mountain Rescue that features Rubble’s bulldozer and Baby Polar Bear mini figure! Lift Rubble in his bulldozer up the elevator to reach the cabin at the top of the mountain. Push back the lever on top of the cabin to release the basket with Baby Polar Bear, and tilt the ramp to launch Rubble as they both spin down the spiral slide! Race down with Rubble to rescue Baby Polar Bear! Build and customize the world of Adventure Bay with other Roll Patrol Track Sets (sold separately) for even more PAW racer fun!


  • Build the Mountain Rescue adventure with 8 track pieces, 1 Mountain Rescue playset, 1 Baby Polar Bear figure and basket, and Rubble Rescue Racer.
  • Lift Rubble in his bulldozer up the elevator to the top of the mountain, and save Baby Polar Bear in the basket by racing down the mountain on the spiral track set.
  • Connect other Paw Patrol track sets and create all new adventures (each sold separately). All mini figures and PAW racers work with Paw Patrol Roll Patrol sets (sold separately).
  • Rubble’s Mountain Rescue Track Set is for ages 3+. No batteries required.


  • 1 Rubble Mountain Rescue Playset
  • 1 Rubble Rescue Racer
  • 1 Baby Polar Bear Figure
  • 1 Basket
  • 5 Straight Tracks
  • 1 Merge Track
  • 1 Curved Track
  • 1 Track End

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