Ryder's Ride On ATV

Ryder's Ride On ATV

No job is too big, no pup is too small! Now kids can join the PAW Patrol Pups on a PAW Patrol Mission with Ryder's Ride On ATV! Just like in the show they can race to an emergency with the pups. It’s as simple as sit, push and play! Kids can push themselves along with their feet as they embark on PAW Patrol missions. Whether there’s a rescue mission in your backyard or you have to save Itty Bitty Kitty from a tree, they can race to the ruff-ruff rescue with Ryder’s Ride On ATV! Now they can use their imagination and bravery to protect Adventure Bay. With Ryder’s Ride On, PAW Patrol missions are only a second away!


  • Just sit, push and play! Ryder’s Ride On ATV is kid powered. Kids can move themselves along with their feet as they embark on PAW Patrol Missions!
  • Ryder’s Ride On ATV has a maximum weight capacity of 44lb (20kg) and measures 23.5”L x 13.0”H x 12.0”W.
  • Ryder’s Ride On ATV is made for kids ages 1-3. No batteries required.


  • 1 PAW Patrol Ryder’s Ride On ATV

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